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Expression of Solidarity with the Hungarian civil sector
We, the representatives of European civil society organizations consider a well-developed civil society to be an essential part of healthy and stable democracies. As active and responsible citizens, we proudly share the common values, political culture and legal norms of the European Union and its allies.

We support the volunteers and also ecological transport.
Also this year we are engaged in Voluntary Week and European mobility week from 16th to 22nd September 2014. During the NGO´s market and cyclofest , you have the last chance to vote for Tree of the Year contest winner.

Until the end of September can you decide about Tree of the Year 2014
Until the end of September 2014 can you vote one of twelve finalists of Tree of the Year contest and increase its chances to the treatement. According to actual status of the voting, on 1st place is 200 years old white mulberry from Senica. On the 2nd place is oak tree from Diviaky nad Nitricou and on the 3rd place lime tree from Kláštor pod Znievom. All finalists obtained until 3rd September 4303 votes.

Vernissage of the forest park Chrast in Zilina
Prales, C.A. in cooperation with Ekopolis Foundation and Zilina prepareded the vernissage of the forest park Chrast. This event will be organized on 4th September 2014 as a part of the project supported from Rest beyond the City grant programme.

Opening of wine yard of St. Urban in Golianovo
In the occasion of cycling race with the title „Wine 50“ organized on 31st August 2014, there was opened new wine yard of St. Urban in Golianovo. Ďarmoty, civic association, obtained the support of Green Belt grant programme provided during eight years by Ekopolis Foundation.

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Our vision

Our vision is an advanced civil society with citizens realizing their responsibility for societal development and environmental issues. A society with citizens who are interested in participating in public policy, have courage to adopt a critical stance and care about avoiding detriment to future generations.