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In Kráľová pri Senci there was renewed an arboretum
Slovak Association of Bee-keepers realized this year the project „Renovation of the arboretum Bee-culture forest clearance“ thanks to the support of 4 Thousand eur from Green Belt Grant Program realized by Ekopolis Foundation in cooperation with SLOVNAFT company.

Drop of the water in Klenovec for our planet
Thanks of the support of 2.105 eur from Nestlé for the water in the landscape grant program realizes the Special Elementary School in Klenovec the project with the title „Drop of the water for our planet“. One of the activities was the cleaning of the spring in village part Pavlínka.

From Aarhus to Bratislava: Informed Public Decides on Environmental Matters
VIA IURIS, C.A. implemented many improvements to the proposal of „water law“ and environmental protection. From Aarhus to Bratislava: Informed Public Decides on Environmental Matters is the project supported from Block Grants for NGOs of Swiss – Slovak Cooperaton Programme.

Living Energy Fund aims to the schools and municipalities
ZSE in cooperation with Ekopolis Foundation aim to realize for six years the projects of energy saving through Living Energy Fund. In June 2014 there were supported 17 projects with the whole amount of 64.500 €.

Tourist trails in the surroundings of four slovak castles will be renewed thanks to the support of Horalka wafer from Sedita
The castles in Spiš region, Beckov, Čachtice and Červený Kláštor are four of slovak castles, which surrounding will be renewed thanks to the support of Horalka wafer from Sedita company. As a part of the Living Trails grant program there will be reconstructed tourist trails near these castles.

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Our vision

Our vision is an advanced civil society with citizens realizing their responsibility for societal development and environmental issues. A society with citizens who are interested in participating in public policy, have courage to adopt a critical stance and care about avoiding detriment to future generations.