About us

Our vision is an advanced civil society with citizens realizing their responsibility for societal development and environmental issues. A society with citizens who are interested in participating in public policy, have courage to adopt a critical stance and care about avoiding detriment to future generations.

The Ekopolis Foundation has been managing open grant programs focused on democracy and nature conservation for 25 years to date. Since 1991, we have supported 3 068 projects in the total amount of 19,3 Mil. EUR.  In 2016, we awarded 41 grants in the total amount of over 131 thousands EUR.

We offer innovative programs, ideas and open up-todate issues. Open grant programs, in which projects win support in an open competition, are our main tool.

We were the first Slovak foundation that has started to build its own long-term assets (endowment) systematically and elaborated a policy on conflict of interest. The foundation endeavors to become a stable and transparent financial source for active citizens and as well as a reliable partner of municipalities, public administration, business partners and foreign donors.

Our Programmes and Projects in 2016

  • Greenways Program
  • Cyclists Welcome!
  • Trixi mobil
  • Let’s bike
  • Programme of development of the Roma community
  • Green Belt Program – Slovnaft, a.s.
  • Tree of the Year inquiry – Slovenská sporiteľňa, a.s., Dajama publishing house, Artforum – bookshop, A.B.I.E.S gardening, ISA Slovensko
  • For Water competition – Nestlé Slovensko, a.s.
  • Trees instead the leaflets – Metro Cash & Carry SR, s.r.o.

International Relations

The Ekopolis Foundation is a member of the international association Environmental Partnership Associationjoining foundations in Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Slovakia.

The foundation is a member of the European Greenways Association that is devoted to the environmentally friendly traffic development in Europe.

Since May 2010 we are the member of European Cyclists Federation (http://www.ecf.com/).

CEE Trust (www.ceetrust.org) and C.S.Mott Foundation (http://www.mott.org/) have been our main foreign supporters for many years.

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