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  • “Trees are the natural heritage of Slovakia, they deserve our attention not only during the contest, but all the year round. We are pleased that the Tree of the Year has long supported people’s interest in the environment to which we also have a close relationship.”

    Danica Lacová,
    Slovak Savings Bank Foundation

    the Tree of the Year Contest

  • “Responsible water management is a priority topic for Nestlé. We are not content with only saving water in our plants. We go even further and want to engage the general public, and in particular young people, in the protection of water; to give them the opportunity to exercise their creativity and gain valuable experience in the project’s development.”

    Martina Šilhánová,
    CSR Manager Nestlé Czech and Slovakia

    For water competition in 2017

  • “The grant programme Green Belt celebrated its ten-year Jubilee. During this period, we have supported 225 projects to the sum of more than € 566,000. Thousands of volunteers have joined activities where they have planted trees, enhanced and modified an area the size of approximately 120 football fields.”

    Anton Molnár,
    director of corporate and marketing communications Slovnaft, a.s

    Green Belt programme

  • “Communication and cooperation has always been excellent, the programme managers were always available, ready to help and find solutions in even those situations that were completely new to us. Although the monthly reports scared us at the beginning, we very quickly understood that it is a system that protects us especially against unauthorized use of resources and helps us to solve problems at the moment when they can be addressed. We think that as a team we worked professionally before the project; thanks to the project, however, we now know what it takes to get more support from major grant schemes, how much time is spent on creating the documentation and paperwork involved in such a project and the fact that we manage it all. We have really learned a lot thanks to the project. “

    Jana Vlašičová, Voices. n.o., Jump project – informal learning for active citizenship
    Active Citizenship and Inclusion programme

  • “We can only have memories of the project and we are also quite sorry that is has already ended. But the results are here to be seen. We make nice products from clay and wicker. The purpose has been fulfilled; the workshops are permanently in use, clients are very happy to go there and are constantly learning something new and challenging, something useful.”

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