The grant programmes we have been implementing with the long-term support of our corporate partners every year help civic associations and initiatives, schools and local government. The projects contribute to more beautiful and better quality public spaces, to hiking trails and to the creation of sites for relaxation and comfort. Thanks to these projects, which are implemented at a local level, cooperation between citizens, organizations and local government is intensified. Local citizens of all ages are involved in local development which in turn encourages and promotes good interpersonal relationships.


Ecology of mountain cottages – The Green Mountain Chalet Ecology Project is an excellent tool for the broad hiking public to show that even in tough mountain conditions it is possible to apply modern, more environmentally friendly technologies. It will also be possible to show how renewable energy sources can be used in the environment of national parks with minimal impact on the surrounding countryside. Ing. Milan Orlovský, Managing Director KOOR Ekopolis Foundation and KOOR, s.r.o. are launching a new project in Slovakia aimed at bringing about the ecologisation of mountain huts in national parks. The project, supported by the German foundation DBU, will focus mainly on energy generation, storage and savings, drinking water and waste water management, waste and sewage management and fire protection.

ENVIROeducation of young people – The project received a great response from secondary school pupils. It contributed not only to expanding their knowledge about climate change but has also motivated young people to design their own creative and innovative solutions for improving the environment. Danica Lacová, Administrator of the Slovak Savings Bank Foundation Six secondary schools were involved in the pilot year, which, in addition to educational training for their students, had the chance to win 1,000 EUR in the competition. The winner was the J.G. Tajovský Grammar School in Banská Bystrica.

Kelt helps nature – The idea of the Kelt helps nature project is to support visitors to sites in the countryside where they are used to roasting sausages or relaxing by a roaring fire. We are delighted that in cooperation with the Ekopolis Foundation we have been able to reach out to a large number of volunteers who are not indifferent to what their favourite places look like, and that we were able to support good things that help to improve and enhance sites in the countryside that will serve the public. Andrea Malovcová, brand manager of the Kelt brand The pilot year of the project witnessed the tidying up and enhancement of barbecue pits in Zálesie, Zázrivá and Prešov.

Dealing with energy – The Programme Dealing with energy reasonably enabled, in 2016, to 5 municipalities and 5 schools in the Western Slovakia region to realise measures to save energy according to their needs and possibilities. The Ekopolis Foundation, together with CEEV Živica, supported 10 school and municipality projects that improved the use of electricity and heat energy. The donor of the programme is Západoslovenská energetika, a.s.

Protection of biodiversity in Veolia Slovakia areas – We take the view that it is the duty of large companies to consider their environmental impact in all their activities and to manage their sites rationally and with a view to the natural diversity of the site. We are delighted that our partner in the project and its executor and guarantor is Ekopolis. They were able to cover not only the technical side of the project but also educational activities and work with the public. Slavomíra Vogelová, press spokesperson, Stredoslovenská vodárenská prevádzková spoločnosť. The first year of biodiversity conservation and support activities at two Veolia operation sites (Rakytovce Waste Water Treatment Plant and Veolia Utilities Žiar nad Hronom).

Partnership for sustainable water management – The negative impacts of climate change are manifested in our environment, particularly in the field of water management and its protection. The main aim of cooperation between non-profit organisation Partnerstvo n.o. and IKEA Industry is to verify the possibilities of saving natural resources, namely water, and to propose specific measures for the IKEA Industry in Malacky.

Tree of the Year – The aim of the nationwide contest Tree of the year is to draw attention to the beauty and value of trees and awake people‘s interest in the environment.  Peter Lipa, the well-known Slovak singer, was patron of the contest, making it his fifth time to be honoured. The partners of the 2018 poll are Slovenská sporiteľňa Foundation, Slovak environment agency, Dajama Publishing House, Artforum bookshop, ISA Slovensko (International Society of Arboriculture) and ABIES Gardening. The winning tree will obtain an expert arborist review and financial contribution by 200 euros. The nominated trees on 1st, 2nd and 3rd places will obtain the financial contribution by 200 euros and the people, who nominated this trees and 3 voting persons will win the books from ARTFORUM bookshop. The top three schools received planting materials from ABIES Garden Centre to a total value of 500 €.

Trees instead of leaflets – The Ekopolis Foundation realised with Metro Cash & Carry SR, s.r.o. the 7th year of the programme Trees instead of leafl ets. Its objective is to contribute 1 euro for every registered customer who receives the relevantoff er by e-mail instead of by printed leafl ets. In 2018 it was supported the next three ecology projects to the sum of 2.300 €.

Competition for water 2018 – Ekopolis Foundation, with financial support from Nestlé Slovakia, Ltd., launched the inaugural contest For Water. The competition aims to contribute to responsible and efficient use of water through measures friendly to nature. The ambition of the competition is to connect talented young people with those who are looking for inspiration and solutions and want to address specific water problems in their towns and villages. Local government, owners of land and other properties had the opportunity to nominate specific problems or situations that need to be addressed.

Green Belt – The programme supports sustainable care of ecologically valuable areas which are used by the public and it supports the concept of nature preservation and sustainability. Thanks to this there are actually 248 green oases in Slovakia this year. In the 12th year of the programme, which was opened by Ekopolis Foundation and SLOVNAFT, S.C., support was obtained for 26 projects to the sum of 56.000 €.

Living Trails  The objectives of the programme are to support the sensitive renewal of marked hiking trails in Slovakia and enhancement of the recreational and educational functions of the Slovak countryside. Financial support has been directed towards restoration and improvement of hiking trails, educational paths and public spaces used by tourists.





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